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aey Three
Software that stops your child & computer operator watching porn and other objectionable websites
EyeThree 3.6 is the only software available of its kind to stop your child and computer operator watching porn, violent and other objectionable websites. EyeThree 3.6 records those activities without informing your child and computer operator.EyeThree 3.6 also records screenshots if your child vor computer operator watching porn movies on computer using stored files,CD Rom or other media.
Stop your child and computer operator watching porn ,violent and other objectionable websites.EyeThree 3.6 software watches and records your computer activities in a very tiny file without informing your child and operator.You can watch those files later.Your child and computer operator will never come to know that EyeThree 3.6 is installed and watching them.EyeThree 3.6 software files are not viewable.Your child or computer operator will never be able to uninstall / remove the software.

You can block websites by applying keywords like porn, violence, war, wrestling etc.
Now sleep well and leave your tension and stress over EyeThree 3.6.

KeyFeatures available in EyeThree 3.6
  • Captures Chat Conversations, Porn & objectionable websites visited.
  • Blocks and allows selected websites and webpages
  • Stores received and sent Emails without informing your child and operator.
  • Captures Website Screenshots with zoom option
  • Captures Keystokes
  • Captures programs used
  • Captures screenshots
  • Encrypted log file
  • Secretly email log files
  • Invisible Stealth Mode
  • Unique playback mode lets you view captured keystrokes/programs/webpages/screenshots in real time
  • Run silently at startup
  • Auto-capture at startup
Priced : Rs. 1,500 + Taxes for SINGLE USER
Rs. 7500 + Taxes for NETWOTK Version
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Success Sales
Sales-Marketing-Customer Services-Support Management Software
Accelerates Sales-Project marketing-Enhances Customer Services-Improves Relationships
Main Features Available in SuccessSales
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • Sales Analysis
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Business Enquiry Management
  • Enquiry Follow Ups & Responses
  • Order-Quotation-Sales Management
  • Salesmen's Appointments & Schedules
  • Sales Target Management
  • Postal Marketing-TeleMarketing-E Commerce Marketing
  • Call Centre Marketing-Channel Marketing
  • Distributors / Dealers / Agent Management
  • Past-to-Future Sales Management
  • Contact Management
  • In-Built Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales & Marketing Planner
  • Sales Expense Management
  • Manages all ways of Marketing
  • InBuilt Bulk Emailing
  • InBuilt Mail Merge
  • Sales Reminder System
  • Event Management
  • Printer Setup. Fast Printing
  • Applicable to any Business-Industry of any Size
  • Customer Services & Support Management
  • PreSales & After Sales Services
  • Customer Services Analysis
  • Customer Services Forecasting
  • Maintenance Contract (AMC) Management
  • Complaint-Responses-Service Calls
  • Service Centre Management
  • On-Field maintenance Services
  • Preventive Service Calls
  • Rental Services-Replacement-Stand by
  • Material Repairing Management System
  • Service Expense Controller
  • Service Project Planner
  • Service Engineers's Performances & Calls
  • Material Repairing Management System
  • Batchwise / Serial No. wise Management
  • Reminders for Service Calls-AMC
  • Manages all Ways of Customer Services
  • Network Compatibility
  • Internal Backup-Restore
  • Hundreds of Reports
  • Self Running Training CD
  • Dealers in all Parts of the Country
KeyFeatures Available in SuccessSales
Sales & Marketing Related KeyFeatures :
  • India's First Complete Sales-Marketing-Customer Service-Support Management software.
  • Keeps tracks of complete marketing procedure : Enquiries-Follow Ups-Responses from Clients-Quotation-Orders- Actual Sales- After Sales Services.
  • Complete Salesforce Automation. Powerful sales management and analysis.
  • Distributors / Dealers / Reseller Channel Marketing Management System.
  • Sales Planning - Sales Performances - Sales Comparison.
  • In-Built powerful Sales and Marketing Planner.
  • In-Built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • In-Built Contact Management System.
  • Sales & Marketing Expenses Management system.
  • In-Built Project Planner.
  • Salesman / Agent Performances and Calls Management System.
  • Past to Future Sales Management.
  • Supports all types of marketing techniques like TeleMarketing / Call Centre Marketing / Postal Mailing / E commerce Marketing /
  • Door-to-Door Mktg./ Reference Marketing etc.
  • Sales Analysis and Future Sales Forecasting.
  • Manages Daily Schedules of Salesmen / Agents.
  • Enquiry Follow up Reminder System.
  • Printing Notes of Enquiry Slip-Quotation-Orders-Sales Invoice-Delivery Note.
  • Powerful in-built Event Management system which helps you out to keep tracks of your Sales tasks and To-Dos.
  • Powerful and meaningful sales related Graphical reports.
Customer Services & Support Related KeyFeatures :
  • Customer Service and Support Management System. Powerful presales and postsales service mamagement system
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Management System.
  • Service Calls Management System.
  • Service Engineers Performance and Calls Management System.
  • Past to Future Service Management System.
  • Customer Support Analysis & Forecasting.
  • On-Site Service & Maintenance Management System.
  • In-House Maintenance Management System.
  • Material Repairing Management System.
  • Material Rental / Replacement / Stand by Management System.
  • Manages Daily Schedules of service engineers.
  • Service Calls Reminder System.
  • Printing Notes of Material Inward & Outward - Rental Outward & Inward, Material Acceptance, Delivery of Material, etc.
  • Powerful in-built Event Management system which helps you out to keep tracks of your service tasks and To-Dos.
  • Powerful and meaningful customer services related Graphical reports.
Other KeyFeatures:
  • Works successfully on all versions of Microsoft Windows, i.e. MS-Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP/2003 and above.
  • Works successfully on unlimited nodes at a time.
  • Easy installation, less data entries, fast report generation and printing, sensible reporting, practical features, internal Backup & Restore, all printers support, powerful password security.
  • Free self running Training CD with this pack which will teach you how to use this software more efficiently. Just sit back, relax and watch 2 hour live show of usage and functions of this software. Latest technology in Indian IT industry. No problem now if your operator leaves your company. Trainer is always with you.
  • Useful for any business, any industry. Applicable to any size of company.
M.R.P. Rs.6,000 only (NETWORK VERSION)
SuccessSales & SuccessSales Logo are are trademarks of PowerStream Microsystems.
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